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The World's Largest Flying Boats Ever Flown Operationally

In 2007 Coulson Aircrane Ltd. purchased the Hawaii and Philippine Mars to expand its firefighting capabilities and establish itself as the only operator worldwide to operate Sikorsky S61 Type 1 helicopters and the world’s largest water bombers.

 Since purchasing the Mars water bombers, significant upgrades have been carried out on the Hawaii Mars to bring it to higher aviation and safety standards for modern-day firefighting. The "Next Generation" Hawaii Mars has an EFIS Glass Cockpit and the ability to stream live data from certain key on-board, indication systems. Other forms of data that are available from the aircraft in real time are Flight Tracking, Load Data measuring, Aircraft Performance statistics, Atmospheric Condition at Drop readings, and Accurate Drop Location reporting.

Coulson’s goal is always to provide a world-class operation that brings the highest level of safety and accountability to its customers in the Firefighting Industry.


The Mighty Water Bomber

Children's Book

Lots of children have enjoyed a visit to an airport or experienced the thrill of an airplane ride but how many have had a gigantic red and white airplane, named Martin, for a best friend?

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From 1945 US Navy Transport to 21st Century Initial Attack Firefighting

Join us on an historical journey through 65 years of operations. Learn how the Hawaii Mars, equipped with new technology, is forging a new path for Initial attack fire fighting.

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